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Includes three versatile logo designs that are custom made just for you!

One main logo that can include images + elements + text.

One sub logo that can include elements + text.

One water mark of your sub logo.


Why do you need branding logos?

A main logo is highly detailed and can contain an image. This is ideal for business cards, websites, and other platforms to showcase your high-quality graphic.


A sub logo is a simplified or alternate version of your main logo. This is ideal for platforms with file size restrictions. Sub logos work for smaller area where your main logo might too large or cumbersome.


A watermark is your sub logo at 50% or less transparency. This is ideal for marking social media pictures, product pictures, and other images to protect against theft. The lessened transparency doesn’t draw attention away from your image but still represent your brand.


Design + Development Process:

Please take the branding questionnaire located on

After I review your questionnaire, I will start developing your design. I will send a draft of your design for you to either accept or make revisions.

After your final approval on your design, I will e-mail you a zip file containing your graphic in multiple file formats.


Process Time:

Designing branding logos is typically a 3-14 day process. Please check your e-mail regularly after you complete the branding questionnaire, as I will be reaching out to clarify your expectations and vision. Processing time may be extended based on client communication response time.


Terms + Conditions:

For more information, please view the TERMS + CONDITIONS document downloaded with your purchase. In order to submit your branding questionnaire, you must agree to the terms + conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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