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Refresh + polishing + updates to existing pages

One website page

Adjust colors + layouts + fonts

Reorganize information


Refresh your website and keep it up to date! Polish your existing website pages to reflect your brand! This service essentially takes your current website page and gives it a good polish: adjusting layouts/colors/fonts, reorganizing information, and making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible! To add additional pages to your purchase- adjust the quantity in your cart before checking out!


Design + Development Process:

Please take the branding questionnaire located on


Process Time:

Website Maintenance is typically a 1-7 day process. Please check your e-mail regularly after you complete the branding questionnaire, as I will be reaching out to clarify your expectations and vision. Processing time may be extended based on client communication response time.


Terms + Conditions:

I kindly request that you provide me with a temporary password to your website, and once my service is complete, please change your password. I will NEVER share any passwords, private information, or access your website without your authorization. For more information, please view the TERMS + CONDITIONS document downloaded with your purchase. In order to submit your branding questionnaire, you must agree to the terms + conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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